In this era of globalization and increasing cross- border transactions, the need for transparency, accuracy and useful reporting has gained prime importance. The users of Financial Statements are varied and spread across the globe, hence a robust system of audit and financial reporting is the need of the hour. Rather than looking at an audit with just a compliance spectacle dissecting the past, we go a step forward to give an insight on shaping a better future for our client’s business. It’s that special touch that our client looks forward to in our Services. Few of our wide range of auditing services include:

  • Statutory Audit of Private Limited Companies
  • Branch Statutory Audit of Public Sector Banks
  • Concurrent Audit of Public Sector Banks
  • Internal Audit
  • Systems Audit
  • Investigative Audit
  • Stock Audit
  • Income Tax Audit
  • Due Diligence Audit