Compliance Calendar

Sr. No. Return For To be filed by
1. GSTR–1 Outward supplies made by a normal taxpayer 10th of the next month
2. GSTR–2 Inward supplies received by a normal taxpayer 15th of the next month
3. GSTR–3 Monthly Return to be filed by a normal taxpayer 20th of the next month
4. GSTR–4 Quarterly Return for Compostition Taxpayer 18th of the month next to quarter
5. GSTR–5 Return for Non–Resident Foreign Taxpayer 20th of next month or 7th day from the last day of validity period of registration, whichever is earlier
6. GSTR–6 Return for Input Service Distributor (ISD) 13th of the next month
7. GSTR–7 Return for Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) 10th of the next month
8. GSTR–8 Details of supplies effected through e-commerce operator and the amount of tax collected 10th of the next month
9. GSTR–9 Annual Return for each FY 31st December following end of such FY
10. GSTR–10 Final Return ( in case of cancellation of Registration) 3 months from date of cancellation or date of cancellation order, whichever is later
11. GSTR–11 Inward supplies received by a person having UIN 28th of the next month